mardi 6 septembre 2011

Senses of landscapes

For most of us, painting is the expression of seeing, but seeing implies that we must keep a good distance from the world, distance which separates us from what shapes us.
What can we say about Jean Cabane’s assertions?
If Jean Cabane’s landscapes capture us, it is because they unroll as did the “Maps of Love Land” in the 17th century - those maps that portrayed an affective and affected geography of the world. We also feel part of them because they evoke and qualify the experience (and not the proof) of things!
When we observe this span of lives, all their elements structure a world that refuses to leave us out! They remind us that we are an integral part of what we see, focussing our interpretation on the crossing of horizons.
A sort of cloudlike memory which allows each observer the certainty of place, and the assurance to name and recognize it, never straying from Jean Cabane’s topic.
Of course, Jean Cabane’s paintings talk of himself, of the sensitivity of a man born in the “garrigues” and the colours of the Gard region in France, whose life was made of promises of light and abundant cultural encounters.
These last few years, Jean has been living with poetry this portrayal of Vietnam where everything is a blend of earth and sky.
One is struck by Jean’s capacity to show us the essence of these landscapes.
Indeed, these paintings speak of us by making us reflect upon another experience of the place we find ourselves in.
To create space, one must be aware of the triangle that links us, the world, and the place from where we observe the environment which constitutes us and the sky that shelters us. If these paintings cherish the landscapes, they also invite us to take our time to discover them. They encourage us to an experienced pace and a true awareness of closeness, as an invitation to a voyage.
We receive everything as a gift, the generosity of this painter superbly prefiguring the gracious hospitality of Vietnam.

Florence Morali
Ecole d’art de Toulon Provence Méditerranéee
March 2011